Jude Broughan, images and info, Benrubi Gallery
Honey, exhibition at Calder and Lawson Gallery, illustrated review by Peter Dornauf
Plot, exhibition at Dimensions Variable, on Artsy
Certain Lights, exhibition at Churner and Churner
Luxury Milk, a suite of photo collages

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Engaging with oblique associations and atmospheres more than with didactic or metaphorical signs, my work juxtaposes patently artificial materials such as vinyl and pleather with more organic ones like paper and wood. Interwoven with these components (sometimes literally, via machine sewing) are photographs—some original, others appropriated, all manipulated—in which the rough-cut fabric of everyday life meets the constructed oddity of the commercial image. Pitting structure against surface, the works thus also oscillate between figuration and abstraction, amplifying the voice of a given part one moment and muting it the next. If the work has a consistent theme, it is movement—traveling, relocating, and the process of understanding one place, one time—and, by extension, one state of being—through allusion to myriad alternatives

—Jude Broughan